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Office Policies

General Office Policy

- Parents are responsible for accurate and up to date health card information.
- Please bring your health card to each visit. Failure to provide accurate and up to date health card information will result in your claim to OHIP being rejected. Fees may apply.
- Please notify reception staff of any changes to your address and telephone numbers.
- We ask you to arrive on time for your appointments. Please be aware that appointment times may not reflect the actual time you are seen by the Doctor.

No Show and Cancellation Policy

At Maple Kidz Clinic, we strive to accommodate all of our patients' needs. Typically we have fewer available time slots as compared to the demand for these appointments. For this reason, it is a real shame when an appointment slot goes unused because of a late cancellation or because someone does not show up for their appointment. Recently, we have experienced an increase in no-show appointments and for this reason, it has become necessary to implement a Cancellation / No Show Policy.

We kindly ask that you provide at least one full (ie. 24 hours) business day's notice for a cancelled appointment. If the appointment occurs on a Monday at 10 am, we ask that you cancel no later than the previous Friday by 10 am. Similarly, if the appointment is on a Tuesday following a Holiday Monday, the cancellation must be made by the prior Friday at the latest to avoid a cancellation charge.

Regular appointments: $50
Physicals / Medication follow up: $75
Consultation: $150
Consultation follow up: $75